Ways to read text out loud on your android

When you get older, you barely get any time for activities like reading or spending time on your computer or phone. If you are too occupied, you may not get enough time to read important documents like emails and texts. Lucky for you, technological development has devised a way you can multitask to save time. You can get your android device to read for you while you are doing something else. It is even more helpful when you have a visual impairment. One way you can get your android to read a text out loud is through a Google assistant. It has multiple functions but one of its helpful functions is doing the reading for you. The catch is, you cannot get it to read longer messages for you. You can choose to run with the Google assistant or get an online voice generator download application that will run more words and deliver them in speech and in an orderly manner to you. Most apps will let you repeat the messages, record an audio reply or delete the message before you get to the next one.

If you want to read more than your messages, you may just have to change up the accessibility features on your android device. There are two easy steps you can follow to get this application or feature up and running. On your settings, there is an accessibility feature that leads you to the TTS. You should be able to adjust the pitch and rate of your speech in this feature. The select to speak option will give you a variety of options on where to use the feature. The third option is to get a third party text to speech application. If you do not have a Google assistant application, this may be the best second option. TTS applications come in a variety ranging in different features, accessibility and upgrades.